Intra Modal Biometric Fusion: Improvement in Biometric Search Performance

One of the advanced inventions of science is a use of biometric to establish the identity of an individual based on its physical, chemical or behavioural attributes. Biometrics provides a solution to ease the identity management for any organisation to keep the records of personnel. There are two schemes such as automated and semi-automated to identify individuals based on their biological characteristics. There are various biometric technologies which have been proposed and implemented too, such as voice, face, signature, hand geometry, retina and fingerprint scanner.

Whereas Intra modal biometric fusion is another advance addition to this convenient invention to improve the biometric search performance.

Here are some factors where improvement led to attain the effective result.

1. Growing use of multiple algorithms

A recent improvement in biometrics is the growing use of multiple algorithms which works within the same modality to conduct the search. It can be utilized as using the various algorithms from different vendors in the same search which will help to generate strength from each to compensate the weaknesses of others. The data growth can make search result more complex which result in a false match. This help in authenticating the data with an absolute result. Using different algorithm can deliver a more authentic result. Some biometric search algorithms see the match and other see non-match, it all depends on using different algorithms by the organization. Facial biometrics need more authentic algorithms to detect the high-quality image.

2. Statistical nature of biometrics

One of the important improvements, the statistical nature of biometric plays a crucial role to bring out the authentic static. Identifying a candidate needs to compare personal characteristics of a person with the database. The biometric system brings out the result in numeric and each individual’s result is unique in this. An authentic result is important, the different biometric system has a different fingerprint scanner to compare the results from the collected database. For the huge database, statistical nature of a biometric plays a critical role to obtain the actual result and it’s getting tougher when a database exceeds from a particular number such as data is reaching out to millions. Intra Modal biometric fusion makes it easy to deliver the authentic result.

3. Biometric matching algorithm

Biometric matching algorithms enable the techniques to compare the result samples. A biometric search system applies different algorithms to use the machine as exactly what our brains do. The intra modal biometric fusion has been successfully solving this problem and delivering the processed imagery. The classification and comparison can only be possible with correct-designated algorithms that can handle features and conditions effectively and appropriately. There is only 1 in a million candidates’ database which occurs as a false match and it can equally be possible as there is no any biometric which delivers an absolutely authentic result. Though, intramodal biometric fusion has the capacity to deliver the best possible result with the maximum right match.


In order to deliver the better result with efficiency and effectiveness, technology has been continuously devoting its part and the intramodal fusion biometric is definitely a boon for any organization.

The Importance of Wearing Tactical Goggles During Military Encounters

When it comes to being on the Warfield or facing the enemies, there are times when there is the need to stay alert as well as have a good view of what lies ahead. The eyes require protection, as well as the need to have a close look at what is in store ahead and that, is where tactical goggles come to use.

The eyes being sensitive need special protection especially when the lives are at risk and there is nothing better than goggles to help out. When it comes to the military or the armed forces, tactical goggles gets to be an essential accessory for them to not just protect themselves but also have a camouflaged look.

Here are a few things to know when it comes to buying military sunglasses. While tactical goggles are known to be lightweight and perfect for the eyes without being heavy on the face, it is known to have several other benefits.

Protection from foreign elements

When it comes to encountering the enemy at a desert, sandstorms and the wind can allow sand grains to get into the eyes and blur the vision. The normal sunglasses or similar eyewear has gaps in them while not being able to provide complete protection. Tactical goggles come with adjustable bands that cover the eyes completely without leaving any gaps for intrusions. It is a perfect aid that keeps away distractions while focusing on what is ahead.

Your eyes stay protected from sunlight

The times when you are facing the sun’s rays, your witness short-sightedness as the squint doesn’t allow you to see far off. With tactical goggles, your eyes get rid of the squint while keeping it normal and helping you look ahead of you without any disturbances. The tint in these goggles minimise the effect of the sun’s glare and thus letting you face the enemy even when sunlight curbs you vision.

It is resistant to impact

When it comes to manufacturing tactical glasses for the military and armed forces, it is done so keeping in mind the impact it may have to encounter. The usual eyewear that we make use of cannot resist itself from impact coming from flying debris or probably rocks and stones. That often results in injuries to the one wearing it as well as being found unguarded by the enemy. Tactical goggles are made to withstand all of these and provide uninterrupted sight. The goggles made for the military are also known to resist impact from the sides as well. Hard fibres are put to use when manufacturing the goggles, and that is when it gets to provide the ultimate protection.

It requires helmets for better protection

The tactical goggles would, by all means, protect the eyes and the areas around it but, when there is a better protection required, helmets come to the rescue. When there are helmets that cover the head as well as the forehead, there is a higher level of protection while getting to deflect any impact on the head as a whole.

Lockbox Collection System – Pros and Cons

This type of lockbox is a collection system that will allow a company to process payments from their customers quickly. These are generally a post office lockbox that customers send their payments to. A bank employee will collect these payments and then deposit them into the account of the company the payments are for and then send a report to that company.

With this system there are pros and cons.


• It helps speed up the payment processing time because instead of the payments sitting in the office on a desk waiting for the employee to match the payment with the right bill and then putting it into the computer. Then the payment would have to be taken to the bank to be put into the company’s account or cashed. With a lockbox collection system the payments will go directly to the bank. When the employee gets the report from the bank they will post the payment to the bill then. The money is already in the company’s account so you get the money faster.
• Your company can have lockbox collection systems in different parts of the country near the company’s branch offices or companies. The customer then can send their payment to the nearest lockbox, which will shorten the time it takes to mail in a payment and speeds up the payment.


• The lockboxes are generally paid on a per-payment basis so if you are a small company and just receive a small volume of payments it may cost more than your company is saving. Generally they work best for a company that receive larger amount of payments.
• These lockboxes are secure as the employee that is in charge of collecting the payments. If the employee is dishonest and does not post all the money to the company’s account the company can lose money. Sometimes the employee is just a clerical employee and could be susceptible to bribery.
• The company will have to spend time training their employees on the new system and how to post the payments.

There are some banks that in order to gain your business will be willing to negotiate the price for using a lockbox service. One important thing that you need to do before utilizing a bank’s service for using a lockbox collection system is to investigate the security precautions the bank has for guarding against fraud and theft. Before choosing to use the lockbox collection system you should estimate how much money you will gain from earlier deposits after deducting the cost of the lockbox collection system and see if it is worth it the added expense. The company will also have the added expense of notifying customers of new address for payments.